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1/10/19? / 3×3 Barbell Club

By Wodify Admin | In WOD | on January 9, 2019

St. Louis – Valkyrie Fitness

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10 min EMOM

1. row 200 meters

2. Body weight squats x20

3. Cal bike 15 cals

4. Cossack squats x20ttl

5. Ski erg 10 cals

*repeat for 1 more round


4 rounds

Sled drag 200ft add 10 pounds each round starting with 45/55lbs on the sled. After each round complete the following:

X10 hammer curls

X10 20 lb goblet squats

X10ea DB (same as the hammer) lateral step ups


Back Squat EMOM 8 mins

Back Squat EMOM 8 mins

Starting with 55% of your 1RM Back Squat

Even: x5 Squats Odd: 4-6 ring pikes


Metcon (Time)

2 rounds for time

Sumo KB Deadlifts x30 (35lbs)

Ab mat sit ups x15

Ring Rows x30

BW hip thruster x15

Alt snatches x30

V ups x15

Row 200m


Pick a body part you want to focus on and tell your coach to give you a 3 round OSC work out to do for it!!


3×3 Barbell Club


500m row

Then 3 rounds

BW squats x10


Shoulder stretch:15 sec each sound

Ankle stretches for Back Squat

Back squat 3×3 @ 72% of 1RM

Back squat 3×3 @ 72% of 1RM

Work up to 72% of 1RM then start building up for three heavy sets. Superset working sets with side plank hip dips x10 ea

Deadlift 3×3 @ 85% of 1RM

Work up quickly to a heavy three then try to to build each working set. Superset working sets with weighted sit ups x10 ea

Bench press 3×3 @ 72% of 1RM

Work up with the intent to build a new 1RM each week. Once you get to working set superset with kneeling preacher curls x10


Band Booty Bro

2 rounds

Low Band on all movement s

KB straight leg Deadlift x20

KB hip thrust feet elevated x20

GB pulsing squats x20

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