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1/8/18? / Workout

By Wodify Admin | In WOD | on January 7, 2019

St. Louis – Valkyrie Fitness

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20 cal ski

Then 2 rounds

Ring rows x15

Pvc pass thrus x15

Tempo push ups x5 2:2:1


Strict press 6×5

Strict press 6×5 “moderate to heavy 5 and try not to use any legs!” Superset with 200ft sled pulls after each set.

Pendlay Rows 4×10

Pendlay Rows 4×10 + alt bicep curls x12ttl and barbell hip thrust x12 (75lbs)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 min AMRAP

Ab mat sit-ups x20

BW squats x10

KB all American Swings x20

Single arm KB press 5ea arm

Overhead single arm kB squats x10 ea arm


Row mini on/off

Row 1min

Hop off crunch heel tap x30

Row 2 mins

Hop off wall sit one minute

Row 3 mins

Hop off 1 minute plank


3×3 Barbell Club


500m row

Then 3 rounds

BW squats x10


Shoulder stretch:15 sec each sound

Ankle stretches for Back Squat


Back squat 3×3 @ 72% of 1RM

Back squat 3×3 @ 72% of 1RM

Work up to 72% of 1RM then start building up for three heavy sets. Superset working sets with side plank hip dips x10 ea

Deadlift 3×3 @ 85% of 1RM

Work up quickly to a heavy three then try to to build each working set. Superset working sets with weighted sit ups x10 ea

Bench press 3×3 @ 72% of 1RM

Work up with the intent to build a new 1RM each week. Once you get to working set superset with kneeling preacher curls x10


3 rounds

Barbell hip thrusters x20 (75lbs)

Yoke walk 200ft

Box jumps x20


3 rounds

Wt farmer / 200ft

ISO squat walks x20 ttl (10 left / 10 right)

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