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10/11/19? /#205 Barbell Club

By Wodify Admin | In WOD | on October 10, 2019

St. Louis – Valkyrie Fitness


4 rounds

200m run

200m Row

10 BW squats

10 push ups

20 mountain climbers


Primer 2x

RDLx 10

Barbell Row x10

Back Squats x10

A: Shoulder disconnect and cross body stretch:30 sec each

10 min Strength Sections !!


Score in the appropiate sections for all movements!

P1 (10:00)

5×5 Front Squats @65% (work across) +x30 Single under jump ropes

Rest 2:00 mins

P2 (10:00)

Buy in

Push Press 5×5 @65% (work across) x20 ab mat sit ups

Rest (:90 sec)

P3 (10:00)

Back Squat

3×3 @70% +200m sprints

Row for calories whatever time you have left over in your session or at least 25 cals before you go!

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat


25 cal row or Ski if you finished your row


#205 BBC

Warm Up

500m Row

3 rounds

Stars and Stripes x10ttl

Scorpions x10ttl


Barbell Primer 2x

RDL x10

Good Mornings x10

Squat to good morning x10


Deadlift 4×6 @72% of 1RM +Superset Prowler Push Complex 200ft (50lbs)


1. Hammer curls x10

2. Side lateral raises x10

3. DB Low Rows x10

Push Press

Push Press 4×4 @65% of 1RM. Superset with DB Reverse lunges x12ttl. (20lbs)



3 rounds

Battle rope slams x20ttl

Split stance press x10ea

Split stance RDL x10ea (55lbs)

S/L Deadlift x10ea (15/20DB/KB)

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