The 2015 CrossFit Open is behind us. Every year, I start out uninspired, knowing I won’t be at the top of the holy grail of leader boards, and convincing myself that this isn’t that important to me. Then, the first WOD is announced. Anticipation begins to build internally. “How will I pace this workout? Can I handle it Rx? Where will I finish? Will I be satisfied with what I accomplish?”

The next step is to “test” the workout on Friday. Sometimes this doesn’t end up so much a test, it rests as the real deal come Monday afternoon. Having either chosen to retest and not getting as far, or deciding that a second attempt would just crush us, that Friday workout has stood as the best personal performance more times than not.

But of course, what do we do? We start watching the leader board! “If I could just hit 4 more reps or 5 more lbs, just look how many places I would move! By week 2, the competitive juices are running full tilt. You may have said initially, “Yeah, I’m going to sign up, but just to see how I can do.” But seeing how one can do turns into seeing just how WELL one can do for almost all of us. I would classify this as a DNA strand of the CrossFit athlete. We do what we do to see how well we can do. Plane and simple.

Well, at CrossFit St. Louis, we celebrate the open with each and every athlete that competes. We hope that all of our athletes strove and achieved personal goals. At the same time, there are that few, that did what can only be described as pretty remarkable by finishing in the top 100 in our region as CrossFit athletes. The world stage is too big a pool, and frankly, there are those with more than a competitive drive in their DNA that puts them at a freakishly higher level that most will ever see.

With that, here are our best finishes from CrossFit St. Louis for 2015 (Top 100 in Region). Positions may have changed a spot or two after all videos were reviewed by the games judges:

Gary Fitzmire     55-59 Scaled   3rd
Guy Quissenberry  50-54 RX       7th (Final Workout not entered in time)
CrossFit St. Louis Team RX       15th
David Cornthwaite OPEN  RX       35th
Jacob Howenstein  OPEN  RX       37th
Katie Boyer       OPEN  RX       45th
Taylor Streid     OPEN  RX       49th
Cory Buerck       OPEN  RX       54th
Todd Seabaugh     50-54 RX       54th
Jennifer Turgeon  OPEN  RX       93rd
Matt Dettmann     40-44 RX       98th
We congratulate each and every one of you on a superb CrossFit Open performance!