Sunday, April 24 will be the date for the 2016 Masters Melee. Start time will be 8:00 a.m., and the finish will be announced closer to the event depending upon total sign-ups, but should not run past noon. We will cap this event at 60 teams with 10-team heats.

Teams will be made up of two men, or two women, age 40 or over. The division that the team will be placed in will coincide with the age of the younger team member. Age divisions will be 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, and 55+

The event is inclusive, meaning that we hope people that might not normally have an opportunity to compete, will find the workouts achievable. There will be 4 Events, three of which will be scheduled and one being done between events at your timing.

Events are as follows:

EVENT 1 (For Time) – Share the work equally doing 5 reps and switching athletes throughout the event

  • 20 Box Overs 24″ box (Step up or Jump up onto box and step off)
  • 40 Deadlifts (135#/95#)
  • 20 Box Overs
  • 40 Power Cleans (95#/55#)
  • 20 Box Overs
  • 40 Thrusters (65#/35#)
  • 20 Box Overs

EVENT 2 (12 Min AMRAP) – Work to record as many Kettle Bell Swings as possible

  • Athlete 1 runs 400M
  • At the same time, Athlete 2 does 12 Hand Release Burpees, then may begin Kettle Bell Swings (35#/25#)
  • Athlete 2 does Kettle Bell Swings until Athlete 1 tags him or until 2 minutes from last tag has elapsed
  • If it takes longer than 2 minutes for athlete 1 to return from the 400M run, then Athlete 2 must not score any swings beyond 2 min and wait to start their run at whatever point athlete 1 does return and tag them
  • Upon tag, Athlete 2 runs, Athlete 1 does burpees and swings
  • Continue to accumulate max swings in the 12 minute time limit

EVENT 3 (Team WOD For Time) – Share work equally, every other rep

  • 100 Alternating Wall Balls (Men-20#-10′ Target / Women-14#-9′ Target)
    • A “no rep” means that the ball must return to the person that did not squat or that did not reach the target before a new rep can be counted
  • 50 Calorie Row (Switch at 25 Calories)
  • 100 Alternating Wall Ball Sit-ups with 4′ distance between athletes feet and touching the ball overhead to the ground each rep

EVENT 4 (At a time that works for you, but before 11:00 a.m.)

  • 3 Minutes Team Assault Bike for Calories (One athlete working at a time, switch riders at your discretion)
  • 2 Minute Max Double Unders (This is a cumulative total, one athlete working at a time. Single reps of a DU will count!)

Register your team by April 22. Proceeds will be split between our CrossFit St. Louis 2016 Regionals team to defray travel and Mission St. Louis.

If you have questions, email [email protected].