What’s new in the Row-O-Sphere?

2KFridays and the St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships

CrossFit St. Louis Rowers have been having more than their share of fun every Friday in January on 2KFridays as they prepare for the upcoming St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships.   The 2000m race will be held this Saturday, Feb 2nd starting at 8:00am at Washington University’s athletic complex.  There will be multiple different categories depending on age and experience levels. Medals will be awarded to the top finisher in each category. The race will be for a distance of 2000 meters on Concept II Model D Indoor Rowers. Anyone is welcome to compete even if you have never rowed before! For more details, visit St. Louis Rowing Club’s page.  What have you got to lose? Register ahead of time online for a discounted fee.  Day of race fee is $20.

The picture above shows the rowing efforts from our first two weeks.  After our first baseline 2K, we used a paceboat on the monitor to challenge us to beat our splits.  Week three used the “projected finish” display for a different view and another way to challenge the athlete.   These guys put forth a tremendous effort and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out on Saturday! 

Our rowers dedicate the first half of class each week to technique and their efficiency is paying off in meters!!  
Looking Ahead:  Meter Club will start in February for the M,W, and F morning rowing classes.  Keep track of meters rowed that day in class from the warm up to the cool down.  We will add the meters to a board at the end of each class and keep track of them throughout the month.  Who will be the Master of the Meter?