Amy’s perfect Toes to Bar form.


EMOM x 10
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 80% of Clean & Jerk 1RM (or heavier than last week)


5 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
15 OHS 95/65#

Run for Your Life: Here come the Holidays
It’s that time of year again my friends.  Halloween draws nigh, and with it the never ending excuses to eat tons and tons…and tons of delicious smorgasbords of candy, deserts, and extra large meals.  On top of that, plenty of days off from work to sit around on the couch watching the Cardinals repeat as World Champions, or the Rams…uh…play football.  In other words, plenty of excuses to “take it easy” for a while and let all your hard work in the gym go to waste.  Recently we’ve showcased one of our members’ (Kerri’s) amazing fitness success story over the last year.  She got there by applying hard work and consistency to CrossFit programming.  I know I’m sounding starting to sound like Scrooge McFitness here to bah-humbug most people’s favorite time of year, the holiday season, but my real point is simply the concept of moderation.  Please enjoy Halloween candy if you want to…just not your child’s entire haul for the night.  Please take extra time away from the gym during the holidays to enjoy family and friends…just not several weeks at a time.  Remember, your habits become your lifestyle.  We’ve all chosen to have a healthier, and therefore happier lifestyle by doing CrossFit.  Don’t throw that away by going into a hibernation this winter that you won’t climb out of next spring.  As the healthiest eater at the gym (tongue fully in cheek) I recommend finding what works for you to continue over the long journey of staying fit for life.  If I didn’t eat Wendy’s or take a week off every now and then, I’d go absolutely insane, but that’s me.  “Know thyself” Shakespeare said.  So get to know yourself and figure out what is healthy balance over your holiday season, and what is just crazy excess trying to lead you off the path of a happy healthy life.