St. Louis – Valkyrie Fitness


2 rounds

600m row

Shoulder Disconnect stretch :15 sec ea

2 rounds

10 cal bike

Banded Good Morning x10


Good Morning

3×5 @ 72% and build + Land mind single leg deadlifts x10ea

Seated Military Press

4×4 @70% of Shoulder Press +Inverted Rows x12

Good Mornings

Seated Military Press


Metcon (Time)


3 rounds

Prowler Push 200ft (90lbs)

KB Swings x30 (25/30)

Pull ups x6

Double Crunch x20


#338 BBC

Warm up

500m row

3 rounds

Banded good mornings x10

Lateral stretch :30 sec


Barbell Primer 2x

RDL x10

Good mornings x10

BTN Strict Press x10

Deadlift 5×8 @65% of 1RM and build from there. Superset with reverse lunge log jammers x10ea

Upright Rows 5×5. Build by feel. Superset with Supported Barbell Row x10 (55lbs) /Inverted Rows x10


Barbell Upright Row


3 rounds

KB Swings x10 (35lbs)

Hammer Curls x20 (10/12/15)

Barbell Russian step ups x10ea (65lbs)

Seated sled pull 100ft 90lbs



Last time hit that Decline !

Stairs Round 4 Decline time!! Find stairs some where to get the ultimate benefit of this workout !!

Stair Decline

*Start each round at the top

Walk down two ,back up two (backwards)

Three down , three up

etc til the bottom then repeat at the top

_ No stairs do swing lunges

4 Rounds

Lateral stair step ups x10ea + Goblet or Odd Object Squats X20

5 Rounds

DB Plank Low Rows x20+ Plank Leg lifts x20+ Alt v-up x20

Metcon 8 Rounds

Knee tuck jumps x20

Side plank jack knife crunches x10ea

Odd object slams x20

1 min plank