St. Louis – Valkyrie Fitness


2 rounds

15 cal bike

300m run (black 50m mark and back)

2 rounds

Mason rows (10lbs on) x5ea

DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges x20ttl (15/20)


Landmine Squats

4×4 (start 10lbs heavier than last time ) + Plank Hip Touches x20ttl

Log Jammers

4x5ea (start 15 or 10lbs depending on what you did last time) heavier than last time and build by feel) +

DB Curtsey step ups x10ea (12/15)

Landmine Squat

Log Jammer


Metcon (Time)

2 rounds

Back extension x10

15 cal ski

Wall Balls x20 (12/+14)

:30 sec plank


500m row

3 rounds

Cross Symmetry x20

S/A N. Press x10 ea (10lbs)

PVC Pass thru x20


A: Incline Fly 2×15 (8/10)

Bench 5×5 @75% (work across) +S/A High rows x10ea


Incline Bench 4×8 @50% (work across) of Bench 1RM. Superset with slam balls x10 (20/30)

Bench Press

Incline Bench Press


2 rounds

Prowler push 200ft (50lbs)

200m row

DB Pull overs x20

Banded tricep pulldowns x20