St. Louis – Valkyrie Fitness


2 rounds

Lunge matrix

Inch worms x5 (on the last inch worm hold the back bend for 5 seconds)

Calf raise walks x30ttl

Pick your endurance option!

A) 1600m run

B) 2000m row

C) 1000m ski + 1000m row

Get to it!!

Circuit 1

4 rounds

Ball slams x20

Burpees x5

KB Swings x20

(:45 sec of rest between each round only!)

Floor Press

6×3 (60/70/80 are your weight choices) + Box Jumps x6

Circuit 2

4 rounds

Ring Rows x20

Walkout outs x10

Curtsey Lunge to Bicep Curl x20ttl (15/20)

(45 sec of rest in between each round)

Pick a endurance option that you didn’t do before to finish your workout.