About Us

Our Commitment To You

If we are not doing something to your satisfaction, we want to hear about it, and we will use your feedback continually to improve our facility, coaching methods, programming and training skills.

We commit to meet you where you are and to help you to achieve your personal goals. We commit to know you personally, support you in the gym and beyond. We commit to being a community, not just a gym. Do not expect to come here and remain anonymous, that is not likely to happen as we are a family.

With over 11,000 square feet of floor space, CrossFit St. Louis sports three separate gym floors, a nutrition center, a retail sales area for supplements and CrossFit gear, and multiple men’s and women’s bathrooms. Each day, we hold as many as 14 classes and up to 6 program types. Without a doubt, this facility offers a class time and program for every need. All of this makes CrossFit St. Louis one of the premiere CrossFit boxes in the Midwest. How do we know? First, CrossFit St. Louis was named one of the Top 5 CrossFit Gyms in America by Outside Online. https://www.outsideonline.com/1785201/where-are-best-crossfit-gyms-america

Also, our 25-50 “drop-ins” per month from out of town boxes tell us so. There is no better person to provide confirmation of what we are doing as a gym than a visitor.

CrossFit St. Louis boasts many fine athletes in its competition program. 2013 saw a tremendous expansion of our participation in regional competitions in both individual and team divisions.


Fully Qualified Instructors

We have a combination of full and part-time coaches. Coaches are assigned a schedule and that schedule does not vary week-to-week. So choosing to attend the same classes each week ensures that you will have the same coaches. But fear not, all of our coaches are held to high performance standards and will give you a consistent experience, class to class.

Cory Buerck

CrossFit Coach

Mike Hurwitz

CrossFit Coach

Wes Steele

CrossFit Coach / St. Louis Youth Performance Coach

Chris Jablonski

CrossFit Coach

McKenzie Braun

CrossFit Coach

Mary Porter

CrossFit Coach

Todd Seabaugh

CrossFit Coach

Nate Seibel

CrossFit Coach