Finally! Word has come that gyms in St. Louis county will be allowed to re-open with certain restrictions/procedural requirements. Our first class will be bright and early on Monday, June 15, but there are changes to be observed. After a review of county guidelines, here are changes you will see, required for us to comply fully with the guidelines.

  • Everyone must maintain a distance of 6′ minimum when NOT working out
  • During workout time, athletes must be 12′ apart minimum
  • If on the ground, athletes should be encouraged to have their own mat (please don’t go buy one)
  • When possible, face coverings should be worn. This does not include DURING WORKOUT
  • No physical contact between athletes or athletes and their coaches
  • Paths will be clearly marked, establishing one-way paths where possible
  • Appropriate signage to encourage distancing and explain the distance “droplets travel during exercise”
  • A waiver addendum, covering COVID transmission, will be required before working out in the facility
  • The gym restroom will be converted to a hand washing station only. Everyone will wash hands upon entering the facility
  • The garage door closest to Hanley Industrial will be our entry, the back garage door will be our exit. This will also be the case for work out runs where we leave the building
  • No towels will be provided, please bring your own
  • No shared equipment during class, for that reason, Ski Ergs and Assault Bikes will not be programmed into workouts at this time
  • We will maximize airflow by opening windows. Fans are to be pointed away from athletes except ceiling mounted circulation fans that cannot be repositioned
  • Equipment must be disinfected at the end of each class by members working in their individual workout zone. If you used it, sanitize it please.
  • The drinking fountain will non be used. The bottle fill will be available.
  • Canned drinks and bottled water can be sold, but no on premises prepared drinks
  • Waiting areas will either be to remain in your car until class time, or stay outside socially distanced
  • All cardio equipment (rowers) must face the same direction
  • All athletes must be screened for signs of COVID upon entry including a touchless thermometer reading
  • Class registration will be through the Wodify mobile app. Only coaches will touch computers in the building
  • Results entry will be through the Wodify mobile app. Only coaches will touch computers in the building

Whew! That’s it!

We have taped workout zones on the floor and split the red rig into 3 sections with 4 rack stations on each. This creates distancing that meets guidelines. As for the zones, each athlete has over 350 sq ft of personal floor space within which to work. We will be limiting our class sizes and you must have registered online to be allowed into class, unless there is a space available when you show up and no one else is reserved for that spot.

We are so ready to reopen for non-zoom workouts (though we will continue those for members not ready for contact), and look forward to seeing you on June 15!