We caught up with member Jen Turgeon recently, and truthfully, it wasn’t hard to do since the box is a big part of her life.

Here are our discussion highlights. Enjoy and introduce yourself to Jen next time you see her.

CF STL: What led you to CrossFit?

Jen: Well, I was doing some running along with personal training with a little boxing mixed in and I was getting a little burnt out so a friend asked me if I had ever tried CrossFit.  I hadn’t so we went together for the free hour instruction with David back at the Hanley street and I have been “hooked” ever since. 


CF STL: When did you start?

Jen: It has been 2 years and 3 months since I started CrossFit. I went from 2 days a week at the start, to 3 days, and then to unlimited. And as you know even on my off days, I am usually in the box doing mobility or something. 

CF STL: After that long, what is the draw that keeps you engaged in CrossFit?

Jen: It’s the “family” I have at the box.  I have made new friends that hold me accountable even on the bad days when you just don’t want to get up and work out.  If you don’t show up for a workout they call you out or at least check in on you to make sure everything is ok.   I love the competition too.  Even if it is with the barely 20 year olds.  The subtle push the person next to me gives me, is what keeps me going stronger and harder each day.  I want to be the best I can be that day and push through.

CF STL: Way back when, what were your initial expectations of CrossFit?

My expectations, well that is tough because I didn’t have any expectations going into CrossFit.  All I really wanted was to stay in shape so I could eat and drink whatever I wanted.  But that changed. I started competing (which is Joanna’s fault for making me take her place in HOA two years ago) and now my goal is to go to regionals as a CrossFit competitor.  That will most likely happen in 2016 when I will be age up into my first Master division.  Some progress comes quickly. Some takes a lot of time. I was just able to finally get a muscle up two weeks ago and that was my last major hurdle competitively, so there is nothing stopping me from trying hard to get there now.   Every day I just want to make myself and others around me better. 

CF STL: What about you? (Jen shy’s away from talking about herself, but we pulled some tidbits out!)

About myself? I have two wonderful children, Zach, 19, at Truman State University studying Finance and Accounting and playing basketball, Claire, 7, who everyone sees at the box climbing on the rigs like a monkey and doing the kids CrossFit classes 2 if not 3 times a week.  My husband, Steve, also enjoys the pain, suffering and satisfaction of CrossFit with me.  He started about 2 months after me when I wouldn’t stop talking about CrossFit and the variety it has to offer daily.  Steve has always been a big runner, but he found a new interest at the box.

I am a commercial real estate lender for Commerce Bank and have been in that business for 16 years.  I enjoy coaching my kids in their sporting activities at school.  My life is my family and friends, work and CrossFit in that order.