Kerri Rendleman
This is a story about the success that comes with discipline, hard work, and tenacity.  It’s about someone wanting to make a lifestyle change and trusting that she could do what seemed impossible.  This is about our own Kerri Rendleman and her fitness journey.  Many of you know Kerri from our early morning classes.  She is a diligent crossfitter who comes in about 5x per week to get her wod on.  But it wasn’t always easy for her and it didn’t just “happen”.   With commitment and a plan, she set goals and continued to raise the bar for herself as each goal was met.  Between CrossFit and the paleo diet, she has shed 40 lbs in the past 14 months and continues to get more fit every day.   I’ve watched Kerri’s remarkable transformation first hand, from her beginning days in July 2011, through two paleo challenges.  Her example is an inspiration to us all and helps us remember that we can do this.  We can make change, be fit and do things we thought were not possible.  Here is her story in her own words.

“I was in great shape in high school and college. I think I started to have issues with weight during college when a cheerleading coach told me I should lose a few. I was 5’6” and 119. We got weighed weekly and starved and gorged accordingly. The real problem came after having twins in 2000. I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I yoyo’d a little for a while. Did Jenny Craig lost 20, gained back that 20 and 10 more. My exercise was little to none. My diet was awful! I was finishing my kids plates and eating bread, crackers, pasta and sugar.

I started crossfit in July 2011 weighing 178. I was motivated after watching my sister and her friends compete in a Tough Mudder in Beaver Creek, Colorado that June. There were so many fit people in one spot. My sister was a marathoner that started teaching Boot Camp for Coach Rut at Boot Camp Fitness in Kansas City and she kept telling me I should try it. I signed up for a CrossFit on-ramp that day in Colorado. I must credit Laurie Miller of Crossfit St. Louis for being so welcoming, helpful, encouraging and above all motivating. I was so unfit, but she made me feel like I could do it all. It’s pretty intimidating joining a group of fit people to exercise! But that’s what’s really cool about this community as a whole. Everyone cheers everyone else on. Everyone is super supportive and just a great group of people. I started going 3 times a week and changed to 5 when I wasn’t in so much pain. I wanted results and I remember Laurie saying you’ll see results faster the more you go.

I started trying to be a little paleo. I cut bread, crackers, pasta and treats. I lost 27 pounds before the first paleo challenge in Jan. 2012. And then 6 more pounds during. I relaxed a little after that challenge and then had to get back on track before the next challenge in August. I lost 6 more during that challenge. After that challenge was over I lost 1 more pound to make it a 40 pound total! I feel so much better. My energy level and mood are improved. I think that’s what gets me going back every day. I don’t like to shop, but like it a little better now that I am more comfortable in my clothes. It’s weird to tuck shirts in! Crossfit and paleo are definitely what worked for me. I now splurge a little here and there but for the most part try to stay away from processed foods. I have a huge sweet tooth, so that’s my biggest challenge. But I try to keep in mind saving those cheats on really good stuff, not stuff I can have any old day like the Oreo. I try to save it for the special things like homemade apple pie. Now if I could string a few pull-ups together!”