Jeffrey Schultz

-Why do you CrossFit? Oddly, I think it’s mostly due to laziness. Unlike going to the gym on my own, I don’t have to think about what I’m going to be doing at CrossFit each day. It’s always a great workout. And, it’s a great way to unwind after work.

-Why do you choose CrossFit St. Louis? I initially came to CrossFit St. Louis because of the location. It’s conveniently located relative to work and home. I stayed and have been a member for the past four years because of the great coaching staff and friendly members. 

-What do you want to accomplish in CrossFit? I just want to stay healthy and active and live past 40. I’ve got seven months to go, so I’m on track to crush that goal. 


-What is your favorite movement and why? Burpees–they kick my butt. 

-What are your hobbies? I play the banjo and like messing around with old cars. 


Nikki Ochs

-Why do you CrossFit? I love the dynamic and functionality of CrossFit, and it’s fun.  I always feel challenged, and eager to push myself through perceived weaknesses. CrossFit has allowed me to learn more about myself, my strengths and goals for the future.  As a nurse, CrossFit helps build both physical and mental endurance, and strength.  Also, as a mom of three girls, CrossFit allows me to show them the results of pushing oneself outside of their comfort zone to increase wellness, fitness and confidence. 

-Why do you choose CrossFit St. Louis?  Honestly, I wanted to try CrossFit for awhile, but I’m shy by nature, and a creature of habit.  Initially, I tried CrossFit St. Louis, thanks to my coworker and friend, Kelly Gillen.  After that first Saturday, I was hooked.  I love the camaraderie of this gym, and the inclusion regardless of skill or athleticism.  While I have old friends that have become members, I’ve also made new life long friends at CrossFit St. Louis. The coaches are amazing as well.  I know that I can attend any class, whether it be a WOD, Hero WOD, Gymnastics or OLY, and I will be challenged in a way completely different from the programming the day before.  I’m so grateful for workouts that push me to my limits, or allow me to reach goals I didn’t know I had.  The coaches are also very welcoming to my girls, so much so, they beg to do be able to do the youth classes when they are old enough.

-What do you want to accomplish in CrossFit?  I don’t have a specific end goals in mind, but I’m always wanting to learn to better myself.  I feel like I learn something new every day.  Since, joining a year ago, I’ve come to realize I have so many weaknesses.  I really would like to finally get TTB, DU and rope climbs this year. 

-What is your favorite movement and why?  For sure, my favorite movements are deadlifts, rowing and clean & jerks.  I love lifting heavy, and while I’ve been deadlifting for awhile, the dynamic movement of the clean & jerk is just fun.  I will never pass up a row day. There is something incredibly rewarding in the ability to power through a tough row program.

-What are your hobbies? Any time spent with family/friends, in the kitchen cooking, or any kind of puzzle solving.