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  • The Perfect Gifts for Fitness Mom’s

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on May 3, 2020

    Top 5 Gifts for your Favorite Fitness Mom: • Does she believe in excuses? If so, don’t buy her a pair of NOBULL Trainers. NOBULL products perform with you and where you need them. We love these trainers and believe they are the perfect CrossFit shoe.   • RPM Speedrope – It doesn’t matter if […]

  • Struggle Overhead?

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on May 2, 2020

    To test this you will want to complete a R to L strength test. Pretty simple, but often overlooked. Here’s some issues that present itself when there is a weakness or a discrepancy: One shoulder collapses with speed/OLY lifts (specifically jerk and snatch). One shoulder fatigues faster than the other, thus limiting performance overhead. You […]

  • Is Intermittent Fasting For You?

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 29, 2020

    I was very skeptical 2 years ago when I started my intermittent fasting journey. I spent about a month researching and understanding the science behind IF. The 5 small meals a day was always the go to for trying to get shredded. Now I have a different plan. What is IF? With intermittent fasting, you […]

  • COVID-19: Is it time to start opening up?

    By Todd Seabaugh | In Blog, Health & Wellness | on April 28, 2020

    Today I want to share some resources that provide interesting insights into the pandemic. Some are supportive of continued lock downs, some indicate that the lockdowns have served their purpose, and then a site that has some great analytics on this and other pandemics, for the analytically minded among us. First, the argument for continuing […]

  • Know Your Why

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 27, 2020

    Doing what you want, requires doing what you need. Want to go fast? To stay healthy, you need to move slow. Want to get strong? To see gains, you need to rest and deload. The path to your wants requires needs. Do what you want, just know why you do it. Know the why, know […]

  • Make the MOST Out of Your Bodyweight Training

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 24, 2020

    Throughout these times we are currently in it is important to remember these two principles of any bodyweight exercise we are doing. 1. It is safe. 2. It is accomplishing what you want it to. This means that we are NOT just doing different stuff for the heck of it! You should think through the […]

  • Exercise and immune system performance

    By Todd Seabaugh | In Blog, Health & Wellness | on April 23, 2020

    Staying on my theme for the week, I found another interesting article on the relationship of exercise and the immune system’s infection fighting capabilities. Like most everything, there is value in exercise to a point, then diminishing to the point of negative returns. Like alcoholic drink consumption, there is evidence that moderate drinking can be […]

  • Gains Outside The Gym

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 22, 2020

    The use of supplements in recent years for recovery has become more common than ever before. There is a high demand for quick and convenient solutions to kickstart the recovery process and ensure one is taking the right nutrients. I’ll go over a few must have supplements for post workout recovery. BCAA’s Branched chain amino […]

  • Right before we were asked to close by the county due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I posted a graph on the white board. The picture was of a lecture graph from Greg Glassman, early on in the CrossFit journey. Greg suggested that there are 3 broad states of health in any population, with of course, […]

  • Fatigued Training?

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 20, 2020

    Author: Cory Buerck A lot of talk in our virtual classes and conversations about fatigued training is becoming apparent with some of us… Fatigue is protective. Yes, you read that right…Fatigue is protective. When we are fatigued, it elicits a certain perception. A perception to slow down, to control breathing, to refocus…some may call this […]

  • We hope everyone has been hanging in there as best as you and your family can through such a unique time. We are no longer going to call it a “difficult time” (not because isn’t) but we want to change our verbiage to “unique” time. Solely because it seems more positive. And let’s be honest […]

  • How Would Your Mindset Change If This Was Permanent?

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 17, 2020

    Take a deep breath, it’s not permanent. But what if you had absolute certainty that it was? Do you think you would be panicked for longer, or do you think that you would start coming up for a plan for what that means for your life now? Hopefully, and most likely, you would adapt. You […]

  • Sore Muscles? Five things you can do to help.

    By Todd Seabaugh | In Blog, Recovery Food, Supplements | on April 16, 2020

    Sore Muscles? You don’t have to suffer anymore! Here are five things you can do to help. Did too many wall balls, lunges or squats in your last workout leave you too sore to descend stairs the next day? Try walking down the stairs backwards (seriously, it really helps)! Intense workouts don’t have to leave […]

  • Efficient Breathing During WODS

    By JoAnna Dettmann | In Blog | on April 15, 2020

    What’s the number one topic with the body right now? Lungs! Let’s talk about how we as athletes can better our breathing and understand what our body is doing while we are gasping for air like a fish out of water. What happens to my lungs when I exercise? During exercise, two of the important […]

  • CrossFit and Longevity

    By Todd Seabaugh | In Blog, CrossFit | on April 13, 2020

    Longevity (n): [lon-jev-i-tee] Duration of individual life. Generally, the longer the better, so long as the years are healthy. The secret to longevity: good health maintenance. CrossFit and Longevity go hand in hand if approached properly. For some individuals, the desire for longevity gives them motivation to work out and maintain a healthy diet. Problems […]

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