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Step 1: Free Intro

Before getting started with CrossFit and investing money, we would like to offer you a free intro class so that you can try before you buy. During the Free Intro, we will learn a bit more about you and your goals, and you will learn about your intro coach, what CrossFit is and is not, and what will occur should you decide to join us again.

After this discussion, you will be introduced to a CrossFit WOD by mastering some basic movements and then completing the baseline workout. This is a named workout that you will do again in the future demonstrating to yourself the progress that you have made over time.

The Baseline workout is:
500 Meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

”But I can’t do 10 pull-ups!” , you say. No worries, we have alternatives to scale any of the movements for you and in time, you will master pull-ups and many other movements, as distant as that prospect may seem today.

Free Intros are offered Saturday mornings at 10:00am. Join us at CrossFit St. Louis for this session as we are anxious to meet you!

Step 2: On-Ramp Class

The CrossFit On-Ramp is designed to provide a foundation for movement that will help you be successful at CrossFit at any CrossFit box. The On-Ramp is 6 sessions over 2 weeks. During these sessions, you will be introduced to these and other movements:

Front Squat
Back Squat
Overhead Squat
Push Press
Push Jerk
Dead Lift
Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
Kettle Bell Swing
Clean & Jerk

Each session is one hour in length. You will begin with a warm-up, then you will move into technique work on the above skills, and finally, you will end each session with a CrossFit WOD.

Graduation brings your approval to move into our WOD classes, the staple of CrossFit Membership.

The 6-session On-Ramp series is $99 + tax.

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Rx On Ramp


• Up to 6 foundations classes

• 1 InBody Composition Scan

• Graduation Swag Bag

• 2 weeks (2x weekly) class membership

$250 value

Rx+ On Ramp


• Up to 6 foundations classes

• 2 InBody Composition Scan

• Graduation Swag Bag

• 2 weeks (3x weekly) class membership

$350 value

Committed On Ramp


• Up to 6 foundations classes

• 3 InBody Composition Scan

• Graduation Swag Bag

• 1 30min Movement Assessment*

• 2 weeks (Unlimited) class membership

$500 value

* with in-house Dr. of Physical Therapy


Step 3: WOD, RoWOD, or Hero WOD Class

They say that “variety is the spice of life”. Well, if that is true, and we certainly believe that it is, we provide an assortment of CrossFit classes that will meet your need for variety. Each of the classes above are described in detail in the “About – Programs” section of our website.

With these classes you will employ all of the skills mastered through your On-Ramp. Sessions are 1-hour.