I ran across this really interesting article on a mobility site I sometimes check out. All the time, we hear CrossFit coaches inspecting athletes and barking directions about knee location (“Press your knees out!”), stance width (“Heels shoulder width apart!”), and hip torque (“Twist your feet in your shoes and torque those hips.”). Now this isn’t to say that any of this is bad. All of these commands CAN help an athlete to achieve greater success.

But what happens when an athlete tells us, “Yeah, I just can’t do that. What I am doing is more comfortable.” I know what I have a tendency to do. I say to myself, “Hmmm, well there’s someone who just isn’t willing to work for it.”
This article has caused me to change my thinking. By examining the femurs, ball joints and hip sockets of different people, it is clear to see, we are NOT all made alike! Far from it. Different ball joint extension angles, ball joint extension lengths, hip socket angles and more cause our legs to move differently one from another in the squat movement.
Where do I go from here? Well I am still going to always attempt to get athletes to improve their squat, but if trying it my way does not work well for them, I will certainly be much more inclined to be open minded about trying it theirs and see if we can still get those positive gains while they remain more comfortable through the movement.
Until next time,