What’s the weak link limiting your performance? Or, is there a weak link contributing to pain when you train?

If we think about the different areas of capacity needed we get some of the following:
> Respiratory system
> Cardio
> Muscular strength
> Nervous system
> Bracing mechanics
> Skill

Think about taking a break from the gym. You still have the skill capacity, but no longer have the respiratory, nervous system, or muscular capacity as you once did when you were training consistently.

Think about your bracing mechanics where you legs are stronger than your bracing mechanics can endure, so you belt up to overload.

If we start to prioritize health as the goal, we can use the weakest link to control the pedal to the metal training mentality.

You’re in it for the long game. Attack and respect the weak links, it will only make you stronger.

Written by: Cory Buerck