Chris Jablonski

Chris Jablonski


  • CrossFit Level 1


Chris was always active as a kid playing soccer, basketball, baseball and roller hockey. In high School he began playing lacrosse and would continue playing through college. While in college he earned a degree in Sports Business Management. After college he coached high school lacrosse and continued his interest in going to the gym/weight room till the lack of competition and camaraderie of a team left him unmotivated. He saw the CrossFit Games on TV and felt inspired to start working out again. In 2014 he started his CrossFit journey. He enjoyed the rush of adrenaline that accompanied those first workouts even if the empty bar was really heavy at the time. While the competitive aspect is what initially drew him to CrossFit but, it is the sense of community and the fact that the functional movements executed in the gym mirror tasks needed outside of the gym that have contributed to his enthusiasm and desire to share knowledge. “I love the fact that everyday in the gym is a new experience, with a new opportunity to get better at something and gain a better understanding of what I am capable of. As a coach I like that I can facilitate that experience for others.”

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