Nate Seibel

Nate Seibel


  • CrossFit Level 1


Nate has been doing CrossFit since 2017 and hasn’t stopped since. After some healthy family and peer pressure he took his OnRamp class and got “bit by the CrossFit bug” as they say. Having developed a severe case of “dad bod” over the years, since 2017 he has lost nearly 70lbs and taken 6 inches off his waist, in addition to now having a much healthier lifestyle when it comes to eating, sleeping, and working out. He loved being a part of the CFSTL community so much he became Level 1 certified and can now share his knowledge, experience, and love for CrossFit with everyone.

“CrossFit has changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am at today, both mentally and physically, without it. I love getting up early and going to class knowing that I’ll be challenged every day with the programming as well as by those in my class”

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, wife, and 2 boys and all their sporting activities. He also enjoys cooking, golfing, snow skiing and fishing.

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