We are up to 4 people registered for the Racine 70.3 Ironman in July.  Preparations begin now with CFE classes at St. Louis.  Come check out the classes and prepare for this event or other triathlons and endurance distance running events on your 2013 calendar!

The 2013 Multisport Schedule includes:
  May – Trizou:  500 Meter swim / 14 Mile Bike / 3 Mile Run
  June – Innsbrook Quartermax:  .6 Mile Swim / 28 Mile Bike / 6.05 Mile Run
  July – Racine 70.3 Ironman:  1.2 Mile Swim / 56 Mile Bike / 13/1 Mile Run

Here are some pics from the Racine 70.3 in 2011 with 6 of our CrossFit St. Louis / CrossFit ICE members.

 Damon, Randy, Todd, Joanna, Josh and Eddie
 Josh and Eddie out of the water
 Joanna through with the 1.2 Mile swim in Lake Michigan
Todd approaching the 13.1 Mile run finish
Endurance classes are offered Mon/Thu @ 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday mornings @ 7:30.  The remaining days of the week, there is interval work posted to do on your own, or with a friend.  Join us!