As we prepare for the 2013 Running and Multi-sport season, we will be doing so utilizing the format of the CrossFit Endurance programming scheme.  This scheme utilizes CrossFit workouts to supplement traditional endurance training.  In fact, even the traditional training will be modified as we concentrate on shorter, more intense work to achieve our results over the daily longer workouts traditionally associated with distance event training.

CrossFit and CFE Coach, Ed Kampelman – 2011 Florida Ironman

Our program for running athletes will be designed around the following work scheme:
  Monday        CFE       
  Tuesday        CF
  Wednesday   off           Interval-based Run
  Thursday      CFE      
  Friday           CF
  Saturday       CFE         Stamina-based Run
  Sunday         off  

For multi-sport athletes, our programming will be designed around the following work scheme:
  Monday         CFE         Interval-based Swim
  Tuesday         CF           Interval-based Bike
  Wednesday     off          Interval-based Run
  Thursday        CFE       Interval-based Swim
  Friday             off          Interval-based Bike or Run
  Saturday         CFE       Stamina-based “Brick”
  Sunday           off

While we want our athletes to stick as close to this work scheme as possible, there’s no reason to get religious about it, beating oneself up for missing a CrossFit or sport-specific workout here or there.  While we all want to do our best, few are looking at the podium as a goal.  Training/Life balance is important to mental health and keeping training “obsession” from taking hold.

If you are interested in working to improve your running or multi-sport performance while reducing the load of “periodization training” (3 miles this week, 4 next, 5 the next, etc.), then consider joining us for training sessions in 2013.

For more information, contact [email protected]