CrossFit St. Louis Regional Team

“THANK YOU to everyone in the CrossFit St. Louis community. I was searching for a way to express my gratitude for the past support given to the regional team so I decided to write a post expressing some thoughts. This past weekend was truly an incredible experience that would not have become a reality without everyone in this amazing community. All of the love and support has been a little overwhelming. First on my mind is that the atmosphere at CrossFit St. Louis is unlike anything I have ever been a part of. The owners, coaches, and all the members, whether they are an on-ramper, in Foundations or seasoned veteran, they are all part of the family at CrossFit St. Louis and that is something that is extremely unique. Everyone at the gym has been unbelievably friendly and willing to help each other out. This attitude that is constantly displayed has carried over into everything that happens at the gym. It makes people want to come back to a place where they put their body through hell time and time again and that is a pretty impressive thing. I mostly attend the competitor class so I don’t always get the opportunity to meet and workout with everyone. I don’t think I realized how large this family was though until the “open” started this year. It was such a unique experience watching everyone in the gym partake in the open workouts and no matter if you were first or the last in the workouts, everyone got cheers until the end. CrossFit St. Louis would not have a regional team without the constant hard work and dedication that everyone shows. And I am not just talking about the competitor class here; I am talking about every member that comes to the gym ready to go every day. The drive and commitment displayed makes everyone better. The love that was shown toward the regional team was simply unbelievable. A special thanks to everyone that came out and supported us at our fundraiser! It was such a cool experience to get to workout with everyone and socialize with people that I do not get to see as often. It is good to know that even though we all go to classes at different times that everyone is still part of the CrossFit St. Louis family. And finally thanks to everyone that made the trip to regionals to cheer on the team!  We had the best fans in Chicago and it was so cool to see everyone at the end of our lane cheering us on to be the best that we could be. To everyone cheering from St. Louis thank you for the constant well wishes, good lucks, and praises that were sent our way. The support means more than you know and it was so exciting to have so many people cheering us on! I have officially drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid and I could not be happier that I am drinking it with all of you at CrossFit St Louis! I look forward to meeting more members and watching the community grow.” – Taylor Streid | CFSTL Regional Teammate

CFSTL Regional Video – Small