The CrossFit OPEN weekly events will be announced on Thursday nights instead of Wednesday nights this year. We are moving our normal OPEN activities back one day to mirror this shift. The following is our schedule for the next 5 weeks during the OPEN. This will remain the same for the duration of the OPEN.

  – Competitor Class – OPEN Workout (plan is to hold scoring in evening class)
  – WOD Class – OPEN Workout
  – Foundations/Masters Class – OPEN Workout
Athletes registered for the open will be scored (and video’d if a potential regionals qualifier).
  – Normal Class Programming at both gyms
  – 11:30-1:30 – OPEN Workout Judging @ CrossFit St. Louis, Brentwood
  – Normal Class Programming at both gyms
  – OPEN Makeup or repeat judging at both gyms BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!
  – Do not show up for class and ask the coach to score you during class. Contact someone and schedule a time that works for them around classes.
Thank you, and good luck in the workouts!