Diet and exercise are your body’s natural hedge against chronic illness.

While we remain unable to get together and we are holding online classes, instead of writing an article this week on the COVID-19 virus, my research on the impact of routine exercise on potential outcomes, and the impact you could have on your future by finding a community of like-minded individuals to support you, I leave you with this 4-minute video.

Gregg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit has been leading the way in reducing your risk of chronic illness for decades now. Diet and exercise.

It is a simple formula and yet, so many have still not listened. Does this mean diet and exercise makes you “bullet proof”? Hardly. But statistically, look at the numbers. You be the judge. Fitness is indeed the body’s natural hedge against serious illness and illness-related death.

Until next week, Todd.

So, now, the video.