You’ve been diligent about getting yourself to the gym.  You work out hard and you’ve gotten stronger.  You love this thing called CrossFit and you have a hard time imagining life without it.  Your body is responding favorably to the physical stressors you’ve forced it to adapt to.  You’ve moved in a positive direction for the past few months and then somehow, things start to plateau.  You can’t seem to lose those stubborn love handles or the jiggle in your booty, no matter how many times you do Fran.  The great progress you were making has come to a standstill and your back squat hasn’t budged in over 2 months.  What gives? 

For many people, they haven’t layered in the nutritional aspect of fitness.  They’ve figured out how to get things done in the gym, but undo everything with their poor food choices.  I want everyone to know this powerful statement…”Diet trumps everything”.  If you are trying to change your body composition and are working out but not paying attention to how you fuel your body, you won’t see the results you are looking for. Whether your goals are performance oriented or you’re looking for fat loss, you need to consider what you eat.  Only then will you really start to see your true potential.

As we wrap up our 2013 Paleo Challenge, I am in the process of doing after measurements and photos.  I’ve only measured a small portion of the group so far, but the success has been stunning.
And most of them told me it was their diligent adherence to the paleo diet that gave them the body comp changes they had been looking for.  The video above doesn’t mention paleo but they are speaking the language.

Want a change you can see AND feel?  Dial in your nutrition and hit your CrossFit workouts hard.  That’s a combination that’s hard to beat.