It’s probably a thought that’s never crossed your mind, however, studies show that friends and social media can have a significant impact on how much we work-out and when we call it quits. Take a look at Instagram and you will be seeing super fit insta-models, and, you probably are going to feel like you should hit the gym. Or you go out with some friends and notice someone you’ve not seen in a while, “toned up”.

The Breakdown

So how do they affect us and why? It is a good or bad thing? Of course there is such thing as too much pressure, however, studies have proclaimed that, if your gym pal goes the extra mile, you will be more inclined to do so as well. Which is exactly the push you may need if you are not as motivated as you would like to be.

According to a study followed by Greatist, men are more likely to be motivated by friends to workout more often and harder. Maybe this has to do with men being more competitive by nature (is that sexist?). Women are more influenced by other women to workout but in a more positive way. (motivation-to-work-out-can-social-media-help)

If you like to workout alone

If you enjoy getting your sweat on by yourself, you are definitely not alone. Many people like the push of friends, but not in the gym. You do yours, I’ll do mine.

Social media can also influence you to want to workout more. Especially with the increased popularity of fitness and healthy eating across all social media platforms, especially Instagram. I’m sure you’ve seen #acaibowls or #smoothiebowls and been inspired to whip up your very own healthy fruity delight.

But once again, you may have seen posts from Anna Victoria , Katy Hearn, and Hannah Bower that show you that real people can be fit while also being a normal human being with families and their own personal struggles.

In the end, motivation comes from you

While it is important to be motivated to workout and be healthy, you must not let social media images and videos get to you. Your fitness journey is your own journey and no one else is just like you.

Research is showing that exercise and healthy eating are important to living a healthy life. Greg Glassman, the father of CrossFit has been preaching this for years. “Fitness provides a natural hedge against illness and developing chronic conditions.” Whether its your favorite gym buddy or your favorite insta famous fitness star, you can use them as motivators on your journey to fitness. It is also important to remember that motivation and dedication start within, and while others can aid you along the way, you need to be focused on what you can do to achieve your goals.