Without question, there are extremists in every realm. I have relatives and friends that are Nazi-intense about their favorite cause, and others that will run any race that they find in town. I have coworkers that would miss the birth of their child rather than miss a Sunday kickoff, and I have neighbors that will mow their lawn at 7:45 a.m. on Saturday morning if they are suffering from hay fever and its raining.

We can all be extreme, and CrossFitters are no exception:
“Are you going to eat that? I’m 100% paleo, 24x7x365.”
“I never stay up past 9:30. Rest and Nutrition are the foundations of fitness you know.”
“What’s your Fran? Mine is 1:38, but I won’t be satisfied until I crack 1:00.” (Ok, so that’s an exaggeration).

What’s the point? There is a place for discipline and goals in our lives, but there is a point at which people can rightly call us extremist fitness wacko’s!

This past weekend, we held our 2nd annual Christmas Par… er… Holiday Soiree. This year, we did it at the gym. Our community came out in force to brave a poor weather forecast and to celebrate their accomplishments. What accomplishments? Gaining a better self image. Making a new friend, or two, or five at the box. Becoming more confident. For the first time in their life, being proud of some physical, athletic achievement. You name it, CrossFit can elicit the feeling in someone in the community.

For a night, there was no talk of paleo or zone diets. There was no talk of Muscle Ups or Pistols. No talk of what we have not yet conquered or what our goals are for next week, month or year. Everyone simply came together, let their hair down and simply enjoyed the celebration of a year well spent.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:
There is a time to work on all that makes us better and there is certainly, most certainly, a time to dance and celebrate.

May you all have a full and blessed season!