Author: Cory Buerck

A lot of talk in our virtual classes and conversations about fatigued training is becoming apparent with some of us…

Fatigue is protective.

Yes, you read that right…Fatigue is protective.

When we are fatigued, it elicits a certain perception. A perception to slow down, to control breathing, to refocus…some may call this collecting ourselves.

We’ve demonized fatigue, with mantras like “one more rep” and “push through it” as statements of mental toughness. But this post isn’t to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction.

This post is meant to bring awareness to fatigue. To know when to use it protectively versus when to push through. To know that “one more rep” might be a bad decision and “one more breath” might mean a finish under the time cap for your last set.

Some say there are people out there that don’t have fatigue sensors, but who know.