Congratulations to Erin Tatman and Mike Ragsdale for being selected as February Members of the Month.

Erin Tatman joined CFSTL last summer, but you would never know it watching her in the gym. As an athlete, she picks up any movement that is thrown at her and runs with it, achieving competency and consistency as fast as any new member that I have coached. Erin has also been a great addition to the social fabric of CrossFit Saint Louis. As a regular face in the large 5:30pm classes, she is always smiling, working hard, and bringing good vibes to the group. I have seen her go from On Ramp classes to doing kipping pull-ups, rope climbs, and anything else we can come up with, and I know that progress will only continue into the future. If you see her around the gym be sure to give her a high five, congratulate her on her recent engagement, and try to keep up!” – Coach Luke Burton







Mike Ragsdale what got your interested in fitness? Being healthy and wanting that fit body that you can be proud that you worked so hard for through nutrition and fitness. Overall, I love working out and sweating. That feeling I accomplish something and it’s doing my body good. 

How do you find/make time to get your workouts in? Well that is balancing act since I am married and have been for 17 years and having 11 year old son as well but you just make the time and sometimes it can be tough. On days I can’t be there I am working out at home and looking at video on YouTube about CrossFit and try to do them from home and now I am also a member at club fitness to continue my workouts and go get stronger.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of exercising? Confidence in myself and seeing the progression. A wise man once told me (Cory Buerck) have clear eyes and an open mind. Trust me it’s glued to my brain now and it works. CrossFit St. Louis is the first place  I ever had a barbell put into my hands. That was powerful moment for me and I loved every second of it and I will say I always get excited when we use the barbells. CrossFit. St Louis is to me hands down the best CrossFit place in St Louis!  Love my CrossFit family!!

How has being a member at CFSTL helped you on your fitness journey? It’s given me so much. I didn’t have a lot confidence in myself and I hadn’t clue to what I was getting myself into with CrossFit but let’s just say with the right coaches and the right programming it’s like golden moment for me at least. CrossFit St Louis hands down has the best coaches and staff and community. For someone like myself whom never done sports as child and didn’t know what CrossFit exactly was let me just say you learn quick but it so much fun and I have learned so much about myself and world of CrossFit. It amazing. When I am done with a WOD I feel like yes I did something because I am breathing and gasping for air. Lol!! It’s all good!!