Welcome to December at CrossFit St. Louis!

Our new space is open, and while there are still things to do to make it a home, our space problems are solved once again. With the added room, we will begin offering yet another WOD Class very soon: Foundations/Masters.

Foundations/Masters classes will be everything every other class is: Warm-up, Mobility, Strength & Skill and Metcon work will all be components. However, in these classes, we will see less barbell work and Olympic lifting in particular. The classes are tailored to the needs of CrossFitters with less than six months experience and our masters athletes, 45 and older.  Foundations/Masters classes will be designed to provide a general fitness base for our customers. We will also spend more time working on and perfecting technique in this setting.

Does this mean others would not be welcome in Foundations/Masters classes? Certainly not! We will be posting WODs daily for our three major adult class types: Competition, Performance and Foundations/Masters.

At times, Performance and Foundations/Masters will have identical programming for the day. On rare occasion, all three class types will have the same programming.

Look for these classes to come online throughout December.