What is a Logcard  and why do I need one?   First of all, if you are planning on participating in our Holiday Row Challenge, you will need a card to keep track of your meters.  You will love how easy and convenient this thing is in keeping track of all your rowing pieces.  Our gym will be doing a challenge in conjunction with Concept 2’s Holiday Challenge.

If you would like to participate in both challenges concurrently, it’s easy!  All you need to do is log onto Concept2 and create an account.  Then when you row your meters, they can count toward the gym challenge meters AND Concept2’s challenge meters.  Record your meters on your logcard and also log them on your concept2 account.  Why do both?  Because at Concept2, your meters actually go toward a charity of your choice and money will be donated per meter you row.  See the above link for all the details.

How does this thing work?  The first time you use it, slide it in to the monitor and a screen will pop up asking you to create your account.  It will totally walk you through the process.  Then, each time you row in class or on your own, slide your card into the monitor and it will track all the meters you row that day.

What else is good about it?  Along with recording your daily meters, it also stores your favorite rowing workouts (you know you have them!).  For example, if you routinely row intervals like 250m on, 1 min off for 10 intervals, you can save that particular workout on your log card and when you want to rerow it, just click on that workout and it’s good to go.  No more step by step set up from the monitor.  If you are doing a benchmark row like a 500, 1k, 2k or 5k, you can row it and your time and split are saved on your card.  The next time you want to rerow it, you can automatically see what you rowed on previous efforts.   You can also have more than one user on the card if family members want to share.


I’m sold!  Where do I get one?  You’re in luck because the gym has them for sale.  We ordered them from Concept 2 and they are for sale at the front desk.  They are $8 each.  But once you start using yours, you will agree that they are priceless.  Keep it in your gym bag and anytime you get on the erg, plug that card in and earn those meters!

Look for upcoming details on our CFSTL Holiday Rowing Challenge to begin the day after Thanksgiving.  To participate, you must have a card. That way if there are any questions or concerns about meters, you have a card to back you up.  I am going to encourage all members of my rowing class to purchase one and use in class.  It’s always amazing to see how many meters are rowed in one class.

Questions?  Contact Leeny at [email protected]