Take a deep breath, it’s not permanent.

But what if you had absolute certainty that it was?

Do you think you would be panicked for longer, or do you think that you would start coming up for a plan for what that means for your life now?

Hopefully, and most likely, you would adapt. You would wrap around the uncertainty and you would find the certainty in it.

We are still working hard to help all of you everyday during this time…

The way we see it it:
* If the world is going to end, nothing matters
* If the world is not going to end, you might as well be able to live it however you choose, even if that means at your fittest!

Yes…We are still coaching with a watchful eye through our virtual classes.
Yes…We are still checking in with everyone to see how they are holding up.
Yes…We are still programming CrossFit workouts for those with equipment as well as programming At HOME workouts for those that don’t.
Yes…We are dedicated to helping everyone continue their fitness journey one day at a time!