Intensity comes in many forms.  In CrossFit, we often refer to the concept of work intensity.  With all movement, we focus on mechanics first, or getting it right.  That’s why we open most strength and skill segments with a review of the movement through breakdown or progressions.

Next we move to consistency.  That’s where the practice associated with the pursuit of virtuosity comes in, and why we warm up, and practice, practice, practice our movements.  Consistency helps us avoid injury and ensures we get to our best performance.

Finally, we add intensity, translated it is often Metcon training, to our sessions.  Working hard and fast through what once seemed difficult with relative ease, well, at least functional ease.  There’s alwasy stress and fatigue associated with the Metcon, right?

But all that said, I’m not referring to work intensity today.  I’m referring to mental intensity.  Mental intensity was displayed by over 100 competitors this past weekend at the St. Louis Affiliate Championship.  Many were competing in their first competitive CrossFit event, and some had quite a bit of experience.  With any competition came the introspective questions: “Am I prepared?”, “Will I represent well?”, “Will I please my coaches and family or disappoint?”, “Can I do this?!”  All of these are natural questions.

Most CrossFitters have or quickly develop mental intensity.  You have to, in order to persevere through the mental bruising of CrossFit’s fatiguing onslaught.  So as soon as WOD #1, Heat #1 is announced, it’s “GAME ON!”

Enjoy these pictures of two competitors from CrossFit Ice this past weekend.  Look at their body language.  “Game on…”

By the way, they along with their male teammates finished second in the city in the competition. Game on, indeed…