Doing what you want, requires doing what you need.

Want to go fast? To stay healthy, you need to move slow.

Want to get strong? To see gains, you need to rest and deload.

The path to your wants requires needs.

Do what you want, just know why you do it.

Know the why, know the consequences.

What if you don’t want to do your needs? And you solely care about your wants?

You’re not a bad person for this. You’re actually very responsible in making a conscious choice. Want to squat heavy 6 days a week and get really strong really fast? Go for it. You just need to understand and accept the outcomes, both positive and negative.

Want to do a marathon with no training just to prove you can? Crush it. Just don’t be surprised on how you feel when finished, good or bad.

Knowing the why is powerful. Understanding consequences are powerful. Do what you want, just know why you do it.

Written by: Cory Buerck