There is little argument that handstand walking is one of the most impressive functional fitness moves to master. Not only does it require considerable strength, balance, and control, but it also certainly is one unique skill to have. The key is practice and be okay with a lot of tumbling and falling over.

Back to the wall

Once in a handstand position, ensure that you maintain a tight, hollow hold, shrugging your shoulders toward your ears, keeping your feet together, and actively pushing into the ground. Practice kicking up several times to build confidence. Hold in the position, building to at least 60 seconds.

Shoulder taps (woof)

One of the most challenging parts of handstand walking is that your weight is constantly shifting from one arm to the other. Shoulder taps allow you to practice shifting your weight in a controlled manner against the wall. Start with lifting your hands and getting comfortable with shifting weight. From there keep getting higher till you can successfully tap your shoulder. As you get more used to shifting your weight, lift your hands higher and higher until you tap your shoulder. To make it harder, progress to tapping the opposite shoulder. If you want to take it one step further, you can tap the side of your body.

Free standing hold

Find a open space and practice holding a handstand. This will be key in finding your balance points in the first phase of the walk. You may kick up 10 times and immediately come right back to the ground. You are going to be a little timid the first couple times you try this. You don’t want to flip over!!!


Walk into the wall

This for me was a game changing drill. I no longer had to worry about falling forward. Start about 3-5 feet from the wall and kip up to a handstand and practice taking 1-2 steps. The point of the wall is to
Keep you from falling over. It’s a sense of comfort and really lets you set a goal. Take a step back and start challenging yourself.

There is no magic pill to take that will make you handstand walk. If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be able to handstand walk, I would have laughed at you. I worked hard and practiced everyday. Remember my background was nothing! I still remember my first time holding a handstand on the wall. I didn’t get up on the wall the first time. That’s the exact same with all the handstand progressions. Not to mention it just looks really cool! If you care about what people think about you get upside down and start walking on your hands!

Written by: Wes Steel