Throughout these times we are currently in it is important to remember these two principles of any bodyweight exercise we are doing.

1. It is safe.
2. It is accomplishing what you want it to.

This means that we are NOT just doing different stuff for the heck of it! You should think through the WHY of how you manipulate an exercise, and then apply it. The practice of applying that line of thought to each exercise you do will make you a more conscientious athlete and our current COVID-19 program will be better than ever as a result of it!

See how you can apply these 5 strategies in your next bodyweight workout to make continual progress. You can utilize one strategy at a time or layer them on top of each other.

1. Strategic use of “weaker” joint angles on standard exercises.
2. Amplify workloads with isometrics and pauses.
3. Change torso angles to make easy aspects of movements harder.
4. Manipulate tempo and ROM.
5. Utilize smart supersets and fast impulse eccentric rebounds.

By utilizing these techniques above you won’t just get incredibly strong, but you’ll develop your critical thinking of how and why to progress exercises in unique ways!

Written by: Cory Buerck