Jeff Villarreal 

Why do you CrossFit?

That’s easy, the results. I have been working out since high school, but I had hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing much of a return. In the first 6 months of CrossFit, I lost 20 pounds and I was hooked.  

Why do you choose CrossFit STL?

The coaches. No matter which coach happens to be teaching, they always do a great job of helping and keeping it fun. I also really like the variety of options for classes. Adding the Gymnastics class has been instrumental for me to really learn those skills movements that translate over into the daily WODs.

What do you hope to accomplish in CrossFit?

For me, I’m not sure if there is a “finish-line” goal. In terms of CrossFit, I feel the journey is more important than the destination. Just get better each day and continue to check off skill movements along the way.

What is my favorite movement and why?

Double Unders—it’s a love/hate relationship. But, it’s been pretty cool to see the progression of not being able to complete one to where I am today.

 What are my hobbies?

Outside of CrossFit I try and stay as active as possible. I play sand volleyball, softball, basketball, and golf. Most weekends are spent with my wife and friends checking out local craft beer spots.

Karolina Hanus

Why do you CrossFit?

I really enjoy the view of handsome guys (shirtless most of the time ;)). I did not have that on my ‘pink kettlebell’ old gym. Also to be healthier, mentally and physically stronger, and finally feel better with myself. I did not have that either.  

Why do you choose CrossFit St. Louis?

The atmosphere is irreplaceable: always good even on the hard days. The coaches take care of you, give you support, inspirational talks and sometimes even bring you towels 😉 The awesome community becomes your tribe providing sense of belonging.

What do you want to accomplish in CrossFit?

have so much fun doing Open now, so I was thinking about Regionals next year. Oh, no! Not my level (yet ;)). I simply would like to do a pull up with no band this year, and maybe a muscle up next year, while improving my clean and snatch technique.

What is your favorite movement and why?

I think I have two favorite movements right now. I have so much fun doing rope climbing and head/hand stand. Both for  the same reason, they are challenging, but they change your perspective and give you a feeling of freedom. They are a little circus-magical for me as well. I still struggle with them, so I have a huge satisfaction when I can accomplish them. Yeah, keep practicing… 

What are your hobbies? 

Well, I like CrossFit of course, but besides that I love traveling, hiking, biking, and doing some yoga stuff. Ideally outside! Be active and feel the beauty and power of nature. I also really enjoy reading books.