Andrew sat down with Stacy recently and talked about her experience at CrossFit St. Louis. Here’s what she had to say.

Stacy RicoStacy, when did you first get introduced to CrossFit St. Louis?  I started in July of this year, so almost 6 months ago.

What were you doing to stay in shape prior to that? I was doing a combination of Kettlebell Bootcamp and Running.
What motivatied you to get started? I wasn’t seeing results from Kettlebell anymore. I was looking for something new, and I wanted to learn to lift. I also wanted something with a sense of community.
What goals did you have when you started CrossFit at CrossFit St. Louis? I had two primary goals. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to learn to lift well.
Have your goals changed any since you started? Yes. I don’t care too much about weight loss anymore. Weight by itself is a poor measure of fitness. I just want to be strong and lean.
Has your diet changed since being here? Some. I think I still need improvement in that area.
What are your next goals? I want to learn more about the Paleo diet, and how it can help a person lean out. Also, once my shoulders are fixed, I really want to compete in an event, maybe more.  
stacy3How has the support been at CrossFit St. Louis? Beyond my expectations. I’m comfortable asking questions (and I have a lot of the to ask) and the support I’ve received while I’m struggling with my shoulders has been amazing. The coaches really want to help you reach your potential.
A lot of people say they enjoy the community. What do you like best about your experience at CrossFit St. Louis? The coaches. Their knowledge is incredible. It feels like personal training, but at group training prices. They really work hard to know each person and spend time helping everyone.
What have you learned about yourself? I’ve learned that I’m always up for a challenge, which is something I always thought of myself, but this proved it, and I love leaning new things so CrossFit, with its constantly varied routine, helps me to stay interested in the new things we do each week.