People say, “Wow, I could never run that far, swim that far, ride that far, or walk that far.”

You know what I say?  Then you’ve already predestined your outcome.

Belief that one can is so important to anything.  How many times have you noticed someone straight out of on-ramps, strong as an ox, but looking for the 15# training bar because they know they couldn’t thrust a 35# bar?  Or a newer guy that won’t dare try a 185# deadlift, but 3 months later, they are throwing up 300#s without any problem?

Belief that we can is so important to accomplishing and so it is true with Endurance sports!

People ask, “How do you swim that far?”  And the answer rolls off, for the seasoned triathlete, “You just don’t allow yourself to stop.”

Are you interested in your first half marathon?  Maybe your first 3 mile run?  Then get out and do it!  The only thing standing in your way, if you are a regular CrossFitter, is your mind.  The same mind that thought you couldn’t do a T2B or your first kipping pullup, or double unders!

For those who’ve always thought they couldn’t, it might be time to believe you can!