St. Louis – Movement & Mobility

The Lateral Seam
Low Back ST Mobilization x 3 Min
Hip Capsule Mobilization x 3 Min
Lateral Hip ST Mobilization x 5 Min
Banded Lateral Hip x 3 Min
Quad / ITB Tissue Separation x 3 Min
Lateral Hip Opener on Box x 2 Min
Partner T Spine x 3 Min
Banded Ankle 3 Way x 3 Min

Test │ Re Test: PVC OHSQT

Today we are spending the entire session on the “lateral seam”. This area is quite honestly awful for most, this is the area that prevents “knees out” in squatting, it also causes a host of orthopedic issues like back pain, knee pain, and groin pain. Functionally, when this area is locked up it will also cause a corresponding forward trunk lean due to pelvic instability / deceased hip torque. This will be exhausting work today but well worth the suffering.