St. Louis – Movement & Mobility


Posterior Hip Capsule Floss x 3-5
High Hamstring Floss x 3-5
Partner Posterior Hip Mob x 3-5
Banded Ankle Mob x 2

Test │ Re Test: Toe Touch
Test │ Re Test: Step Up or Lunge

Note: Today we are looking at stability of the torso. This is achieved by optimizing posterior chain range of motion and force production. Today we are making sure the tissues of the hip and hamstring are moving freely. The most common fault during the step up and lunge is a forward trunk lean, this is indicative of poor posterior chain force production and will ultimately load the low back and knee excessively.


Upper Posterior Arm Floss x 3
Partner IR Mob x 3

Test │ Re Test: Overhead Walking Lunge