Hey CrossFit STL!! How’s the OLY going?  Above we have Matt Dettmann and Jennifer Fischer-Turgeon working hard at Snatch.  Matt, the powerhouse PR dude that he is, was close to PR ing that night!  Jennifer working on core stability and showing off  her flexibility in her hips and ankles.  Coach Melissa has been hanging with us and getting in some extra practice….. b/c she never works out!  Just kidding of course – it’s always a bonus to get to hang with her.   Also, Amy Baird and Lauren Tracy have been coming to nearly every class & learning a ton.  Soon they will be naming the lifting positions in their sleep and moving that barbell like butter!  We’ve been at the snatch for 2 weeks straight.  Next class, May 15th, we will be covering SPLIT SNATCH  along with our regular squat snatch & snatch position work, (Start, Lift off, knees, above the knees, THE POWER POSITION – THAT EXPLOSIVE PULL, WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE LIFT,  extension, receiving)  We’ll also hit Snatch pulls & shrugs. 

*Also, make note of the lifting visual aide’s on the wall by lifting area.   There is both snatch and clean and jerk sequence for you to use anytime you are working on your OLY.  Hope it comes in handy!!

Hope to see ya’ll – Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
Kara Funk