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OLYPROG Cycle 1 WK1:D3

By Wodify Admin | In WOD | on November 26, 2019

St. Louis – Olympic Weight Lifting

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As with most of our cycles the 3rd day will strictly focus on our main movement of the period with key accessories to improve overall technique. With the Clean and Jerk being our major focus today’s workout will touch base on both movements with an emphasis on the Jerk. We will kick things off with another good heart racing warm up and move on from there! Great start to the week and lets look to improve as time goes on!

Warm Up

5 rounds

DB Clean and Press (think push press not jerk) x20 with moderate dumbbells

Use one of the DB’s for

DB Cossack Squats x20 ttl (10 each side) with DB in Goblet position (under the chin)

* Superset both movements for all 5 rounds with as little recovery time as possible


Back Squat 3×3 with Tempo :2 second down / 2 sec in the hole / one second explode out of hole

(for more power production as your coach to add bands. Squat load should be at 70% of your back Squat 1RM.

Build a 3RM Push Jerk for the day

With that total

Front Squat + Push Jerk 3+2×5 Sets

Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

1+1+2 @70% , 1+1+2 @72%

*percentages based of 1RM Split Jerk (if applicable)

A1: Clean Grip Rack Pulls 3×5 @70% of Deadlift 1RM *pull from mid shin

A:2 Single Arm Overhead lunges 2x20ttl steps

Back Squat

Push Jerk

Front Squat + Jerk

Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

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