Here is a recent email from one of our members. If you have not tried CrossFit but have a curiosity that just won’t go away, come and visit us! We would be happy to sit down and share what we believe and how we go about training with you.



I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how awesome coaches Cory and David are. Like other members I have goals, challenges, shortcomings, etc. Cory and David take the time to work with me and help me improve, and keep coming in happily. I think I am getting a great value for the cost because the coaching is so personal and focused on my needs. The results are obvious to me and everyone that knows me. I am a better person overall thanks to the work I am putting in and the support of these great coaches.

Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about. I could not do rope climbs at first, and was really struggling with them. Cory showed me how a rope climb is like a knees to elbows movement. Over time I focused on that move and now I can get up that rope with just a couple of pulls, and its one of my favorite things to do now. Or when David pointed out that I was not being patient enough at the bottom of my OHS, telling me to slow it down at the bottom to get deeper. I was completely unable to do this movement until recently, but I never gave up on it and Cory and David never gave up on me either and now I can do them. Or the day David pulled out the new GHDs and really got into depth on the movements and demonstrating how to do them correctly. I realized that I have never used that machine correctly before. It felt good, almost natural, after the instruction. I can go on and on here. Having done my fair share of drop ins elsewhere, I know how special these guys are.

I was lucky enough to find Cory and David at a time when my body was breaking down from age, work, travel, parenting and just doing the things I like to do everyday. Now I am better and stronger than ever. I used to have back pain requiring constant attention. The cost of that alone was more than my membership fee. I never get that anymore. Not in two full years. I did not think that was possible.

I earn it by attending, but so much credit is due to these guys, and I could never thank them enough. All the best,