One of my favorite variations to the hip hinge. Here’s where I often utilize this movement.

1.) Building volume in a particular range. Have an issue with the conventional deadlift? Use the RDL!

2.) Reinitiating hinge patterns to a program. Since the RDL is less range of motion, it is often an excellent starting point of building yourself back to the floor.

3.) Bracing mechanics. Overextend while deadlift? Starting at the top of the range and working down will allow you to correct faults in a different direction.

4.) Elbow/Shoulder issues. Want to smoke your lats and scap muscles without high volume pull ups? Prescribe yourself a dose of RDL’s and use the cue “squeeze a $100 bill in your armpit.

Let’s keep getting after it and know why we are doing it!

Written by: Cory Buerck