Interested in improving your rowing technique and just can’t make that 8:30 a.m. CrossFit+Row class time (how do those people manage that)?

Well here’s your chance to improve your rowing with one of the elite row instructors in St. Louis.  Leeny Hoffmann will be conducting a 90-minute rowing clinic on Saturday, November 23rd, from 10-11:30 at CrossFit St. Louis.

Are you shorting your stroke? Not finishing? Working hard but feeling like you’re losing power while the person next to you is ripping off the meters? Leeny will, in 90 minutes, improve your row technique dramatically. Come to this seminar and gain some great tips, then head back to WOD class with new skills and smoke your friends in calories and meters on your next row. (Lie to them and tell them you’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos).

Only 13 spots are available, so register as soon as you can to save your spot.

This specialty seminar will be held with an associated fee of $25.

See you November 23rd!