Hey guys…Leeny here.  Just wanted to remind people how to properly care for our Concept 2 ergs so they will continue to work well for us.   Keeping these guys in great working condition is easy but we have to be disciplined with our rower care.

No one wants that gross, sweaty rower with the chalk paste on the handle and the mugry grunge on the slide.  When you get finished with your wod, always wipe down the seat and handle with a clorox wipe.  Release the handle from the handle holder and gently push back the monitor.  I see some people roll the rowers back against the wall with the monitor still up and that’s an easy way to break these expensive little mounted computers.  Line the rowers up against the back wall and don’t park them too close to the wall or you will scratch the flywheel.

To keep the slides clean, it is recommended to simply windex the slide and wipe off with a towel to keep it moving nice and smooth.  Every so often, I also re-oil the chains so they glide smoothly in and out of the flywheel compartment.

If your PM3 monitor indicates it is low on batteries, please let the trainer know and we will change them out.   Each rower is numbered on the back end and I keep track of all the batteries I change  from each rower in a log at the front desk.

We are so lucky to have such a large number of rowers, and while they are sturdy machines, they still need daily TLC.  Let’s keep them all in top working condition!