The Grind Continues…Try Training Smart During These Hard Times.

There is no doubt it takes a degree of mental toughness to train hard, but what about when it becomes the default?

Mental toughness doesn’t always equate to physical feats. Often, it’s the opposite. It’s knowing that you can go into training and push beyond limits, but making a choice that you shouldn’t.

Mental toughness can be taking the extra rest day.

Mental toughness can be taking a few days of rest in the middle of the week by realizing what you need. You won’t lose your gains, I promise!

This post is not an excuse to cop out of something. It’d meant to bring awareness to your goals and your body. It’s meant to help you combat the urge to conform to idea pushing through pain has made you tough. It’s meant to create a new habit that aligns with your long term goals.

Hang in there everyone, keep breathing, keep moving and take it one day at a time!

Written by: Cory Buerck